How To Make Money With eBay

eBay is becoming more and more competitive as everyone is jumping in trying to make money. What you don’t hear much about are the sellers that have been on eBay for the last 10 years. I’m telling you this because they have higher feedback than you do; they sell at a much lower price than you can compete with and they can be found in nearly every market place at the top of the best match search results.

Here are some of the ways you can make money on eBay:

– Be a drop shipper (middle man) and sell wholesalers products
– Sell on consignment for an offline business that has difficulty moving brand name products
– Import your products

Below is some advice on how you can make money in today’s eBay market place

Find a Niche

Think about what you are passionate about or what you like to do in your spare time. You see when you are passionate about something; no one can beat you at it. So, say for example, you passion in health and fitness, look for products to sell that will help people be more healthy and fit.

Do Market Research

Check on the internet and see if on eBay there are people interested in your niche. See what the competition is out there and see where you can fit in. Offering the same product as what everyone is, won’t get you many sales. See if you can find an even better product than what everyone else is selling and then make a better offer. When you are in a position to do this, you will become the leading seller in your niche, and this means more sales for you.

Increase your Feedback

Use your existing account if you have one and rename into your new niche. Now start increasing your feedback straight away. A way of doing this is to quickly sell as much as you can. With less than 100 feedback you’ll have it hard moving your items or increasing your selling limits

Find a product

Find a product you can sell that is related to your niche. Jump on or and look for manufacturers that sell quality-looking products and are willing to do a small order to start with.

Build your Store

Jump on oDesk or Elance and hire an eBay store designer to design your store. At writing this today and you can expect to pay around $500 for it. Have this getting built while you’re waiting for your stock to arrive

Write a Compelling Sales Letter for Your Item

Make sure the letter is jam-packed full of benefits for the buyer and ensure you state why they should buy from you. Include heaps of really great pictures in your listing. The better quality pictures you have and the more photos you display will get more people buying from you. Additionally, make sure your offer is better than what anyone else is offering.

Put your listing live

Once your item has arrived, place your listing live straight away. I suggest offering FREE shipping and including it in the overall price instead. It will have you rank higher in the eBay search results. Utilize subtitles also. It will cost an extra $2.00, but this feature has been proven by eBay that buyers click on sellers who have this feature more than sellers who don’t.

Reap the rewards

Because your eBay store looks professional, you have a better offer than everyone else, and you have a better product than what others are selling, you’ll start making some real serious money.

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