Attraction Arsenal – Seductive Introvert

Attraction Arsenal – Seductive Introvert

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In Attraction Arsenal, Michael Chief has cut out a lot of the bullshit people have been facing throughout the years in the community. I've been part of the community for a little over 3 years now, and I've seen a lot of stuff thinking 'this is the shit!' only to get disappointed because it didn't work. What Chief has done in this book, is take the very core of what works, and he lays it out in a manner that's easily understandable. If guys use this guide consistently as a tool, rather than a 'one-read-only' kind of thing, they will have great success.

What I truly love about Chief's outlook on the game as a whole, is his Zen-mentality, and his intentions of pure good. He probably mentions 3-4 times in his book 'Leave her better than you found her'. His way of living is to be good to everyone. Show people that you are a good person and make them feel good about themselves. Yes, he is flirtatious, confident, sexual and seductive, but he does this in combination with bringing out the best in everyone.

Lastly, to anyone sitting on the fence about buying this book. Do it. You'll get your money back if you don't like it, so you have nothing to lose. But trust me, this is EASILY worth the $9. I wish I had this book 3 years ago.

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