Fast Electric Bike – Diy 50mph Electric Bike

Fast Electric Bike – Diy 50mph Electric Bike

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Today you can learn how to build a 50MPH electric bike using parts available online so you can start to reduce your carbon footprint AND reduce your commuting stress levels by never having to sit in another traffic jam again.


From: Greg Davey

Dear Electric Vehicle Enthusiast,

Have you had enough of increasing gas prices and auto insurance rates? Are you sick of wasting a large part of your day stuck in traffic crawling at a snails pace during your commute to and from work?

Are you concerned about global warming and want to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint?

Well you are about to find the answer to all these problems AND put some fun back into your daily commute by learning how to build your own fast, economical electric vehicle.

Maybe you have tried pedaling your bike to work but found it just takes to long and you arrive all sweaty with nowhere to take a shower when you finally do make it there.

Then after a long, hard day at work you just don't have the energy or desire to pedal all the way home again.

Or perhaps you have purchased a prebuilt electric bike or electric scooter but find it extremely underpowered and the batteries run flat before you reach your destination.

Well I am about to change the way you think about electric bikes!

My name is Greg Davey, better know as the "Mad Scientist" by friends and family even though I have no electrical or engineering background. I, like many of you, decided I wanted a better form of transportation.

I wanted to save money on gas and reduce my carbon footprint. Sitting in my car for up to an hour stuck in traffic each day for a drive that should only take 15 minutes was not acceptable anymore.

You may be wondering what makes me an expert in electric bikes. Well back in 2005 I spent several weeks researching electric bikes on the internet and decided to built one using an old mountain bike I had.

I purchased all the parts I needed from a local ebike store and had the bike up and running in a few days.The first time I took it out for a test ride I almost crashed because the bike handled so bad. It was several days before I got used to it.

I eventually managed to ride the bike to work but it handled terrible at speeds over 20MPH.

The brakes all but stopped working when they became wet, the power would turn on and off randomly because of poor connectors and the batteries quickly drained slowing the bike barely getting me home.

I even had to push the bike home several times because something failed.

This bike was very scary to ride because it was so unstable but I used it for over a year until the batteries finally packed it in.

I loved the idea of riding an electric bike to work because it was cost effective and I avoided all the traffic but it needed some dramatic improvements.

I went back to the drawing board and painstakingly researched bicycle geometry, suspension forks, batteries, battery management systems, motors, controllers, and any other parts I would need to build the ultimate electric bike.

Then I started testing different bike parts and electrical components picking the ones that worked the best and assembled them from the ground up building the perfect electric bike.

I now have a 100% electric vehicle that I use as a replacement for my car. Not only do I get to work faster than it used to take me to drive, it only costs me pennies a day to recharge the bike.


The electric bike works so well I decided to sell my car which gave me $13,000 cash in my pocket on top of the $1,200 I saved on car insurance.

The only downside of riding the electric bike, if you can call it that, is the bike is an incredible attention magnet. Everywhere I ride people are constantly stopping me to ask questions about it.

On my very first test ride after building the new bike I pulled over to the side of the road after 15 minutes of riding. A few minutes later a city works vehicle pulled up beside me and came to a screeching stop in the middle of the road.

Two city workers with stunned looks on their faces jumped out and ran over to me. They said I passed them several kilometers back and they just had to find out what I was riding.

They were blown away by the bike and immediatley starting asking questions about it so they could build their own.

After an overwhelming number of similar requests from people who stop and ask me about the bike I decided to document the entire build of this awesome electric bicycle in my brand new ebook called

"How To Build a 50MPH Electric Bike"

electric bicycle ebook cover

You can build the exact same bike at home using this easy to follow step by step manual, even if you have no previous experience. The ebook is a pdf file that can be downloaded in just a few minutes and viewed using the latest version of adobe acrobat which you can download for free.



  My name is Evan Filter, and my Drexel University senior design team and I are designing electric motor assistance systems for Drexel's Human Powered Vehicles.  I read through your "How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike" document forwarded from Dr. Layton, and your bike is really amazing.  I would love to use your expertise as we go along. Please let me know if you would do us the honor.  Thanks

Evan Filter

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Drexel University 

In this book I have filled over 100 pages with the detailed information you need showing you exactly how to build a fast electric bike even if you are a complete novice and know nothing about bikes or electricity.

Included in the book is more than 150 high quality photographs so you can see how it's done.

I take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the entire build process to ensure you will be riding your bike in no time.

Here is a list of just some of the benefits you get from building an electric bike yourself:

  • Lowest cost electric vehicle -Because you need such a small battery pack compared to an electric car or motorcycle you can afford to buy the latest technology batteries which means they can last up to 10 years before they need replacing.
  • Never wait in traffic again - simply pass all the slow cars by riding on the shoulder or in the bike lane.
  • Ride at the same speed as a car - I will show you the secrets to increasing the power from a standard motor controller so you can ride at speeds over 50MPH and out accelerate most cars from a stop.
  • Choose how far you want to ride - I show you the simple calculations to determine what size battery pack you need to travel a specified distance. My bike has a range of 30 to 50 miles depending how fast I ride before it needs recharged.
  • Save money on insurance and vehicle costs - you won't need to own or insure a car when you have a fast electric bike. No more oil changes or vehicle repairs to worry about.
  • Never buy gas again - simply plug your bike into your charger and recharge it for pennies a day.
  • Never pay for parking again - just lock your bike to the closest bike rack or in a secured bike locker.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - stop polluting by using an eco-friendly electric vehicle.
  • Ride warm all year long - You will learn how to ride warm and comfortable in temperatures well below freezing by making your own heated jacket (one of the free bonuses you will receive).
  • Ride silently - You may be surprised by the wildlife you see on a bike trail because the animals can't hear you. I have seen coyotes, skunks (don't get to close), owls,deer and even a beaver on the bike trails riding home from work.
  • Experience the EV Grin - this is the huge smile you will have on your face after your first ride on your new electric bike.


"I am very impressed with Greg's eBook, it is remarkably thorough, detailing exactly how to build your own 50mph electric bike step by step. There are illustrations on nearly every page to help you along the way, which is great for those tricky wiring parts! All in all this is a very comprehensive and well-written guide and I would recommend it to anyone looking to build their own fast electric bike. Can't wait to start my own! Thanks Greg!"


Sam C.

Now lets take a look at the wealth of information your are about to discover.

Introduction (pages 5-7)

  • Find out how it's possible to cut your commuting time by more than 50% riding an electric bike instead of driving.
  • Learn why you should stay away from "store bought" electric bikes and see why building your own electric bike will save you money and give you a bike that outperforms all the commercial bikes.

    Choosing a Bike (pages 8-18)

  • Discover why you MUST use this type of bicycle frame when building a high performance electric bike so the bike is safe to ride at high speed.
  • Learn why an extra large size frame is perfect if you want a long range electric bike even if you usually ride a small or medium frame.
  • You will also learn how to lower the standover height of your XL frame which means it will be comfortable to ride no matter what your height while increasing the performance of the bike at the same time.
  • Find out what the best type of fork is for a fast electric bike so it handles like a motorcycle and easily survives the braking stresses of stopping a heavy electric bike.
  • See how simply changing the handlebars and stem can increase the comfort of a bike frame that would normally be to big for you.
  • Discover why you may want to make THESE modifications to the drivetrain which will increase space for batteries and allow you to mount a disk brake on the rear.
  • Learn what the best rims are for maximum acceleration and reliability as well as exactly where to buy them online.
  • I show you the three things you need to prevent flat tires forever so you will NEVER have to repair a flat on the side of the road again.

Choosing Electrical Components (pages 20-43)

  • Learn about the different types of motors available for electric bikes and see which one is the BEST for high performance so your bike can keep up with and even pass cars going up hill.
  • Discover how to select the best controller for your bike and what parts MUST be inside for maximum performance.
  • Find out about the different types of batteries and why THIS type is the best bang for the buck and the safest.
  • I show you the easy calculations to figure out how many batteries you need to travel a specific distance so you never get stranded with a dead battery.
  • See how to easily mock up batteries to test mount them on your bike BEFORE you purchase them.
  • You will learn all about battery managment systems, why you MUST use one, and exactly where to order one online so you will get many trouble free years from your battery pack.
  • Learn what type of throttle you DEFINITELY NEED TO AVOID in order to prevent a dangerous situation that could result in a crash causing injury.
  • Find out where to buy a digital display for your electric bike that monitors all the vital information about your bike and allows you to make adjustments to the performance on the fly.
  • See what parts you need to purchase from a robot parts supplier instead of an electric bike store to maximized the performance and reliability of your bike.
  • Learn how to lower the voltage of your battery pack to power your lights and other accesories so you don't need to add a second battery pack.
  • Discover how to make a cheap and reliable battery charger by purchasing THESE parts off ebay.
  • Find out how to install an adjustable knob on your bike to power a heated jacket by purchasing THIS $20 part online.

    Building the Bike (pages 44-105)

  • Learn how to easily modify a hub motor to fit a disk brake rotor so you can take advantage of the incredible stopping power of hydraulic disk brakes.
  • Discover how you can prevent your motor from overheating by purchasing THIS $20 item from an R/C hobby shop and learn the easy modifications to help cool your motor.
  • See why you must make one of THESE to prevent your axle from spinning in the frame and tearing apart all your wiring.
  • Discover how simple modifications to the frame will provide more room for batteries increasing the range of your bike.
  • Find out the best place to mount your batteries so the bike is well balanced and handles like a motorcycle.
  • I will show you in great detail how to build your own custom battery boxes to perfectly fit your bike using parts from your local hardware store.
  • Find out how to create the perfect hiding place for all the sensitive electrical components and wiring as well a waterproofing techniques which means your bike will look clean and be protected from the rain.
  • Discover the secret modifications to increase the power from your controller by more than 400% so you can drag race cars from a red light and WIN!

With all this information at your fingerstips you will avoid the common mistakes most people encounter building their first electric bike.

I have made all these mistakes and learned from trial and error what works and what doesn't so I can pass it on to you. This will save you time and money.

My book shows you the proper techiques and best parts to use when building your own fast and reliable electric bike so you can bypass the gas stations, blast past traffic and cut your commuting costs to a fraction of what you spend driving.

Imagine how much money you will save on fuel costs, insurance and parking!

This is no other ebook available anywhere on the internet that contains detailed step by step instructions on how to build a high performance electric bike.

What is an incredible resource like this worth ?

I have invested over $6000 in research and development building several bikes over the past fews years to find out what works best. Using my guide you can build a bike similar to mine for as little as $1500 using the lastest technology bike parts and batteries.

This book can save you well over $4500 by showing how to build your bike right the first time.

When you think about how much money you can save by not having to experiment yourself, and the time you will save knowing exactly where to find the parts you need, this resource is definitely worth well over a hundered dollars.

I was initially going to offer this rare ebook for $97 to help promote electric vehicles but because I need more testimonials for my website I am discounting the price to $47.

That's less than the cost of a pair of tires for your bike.


Greg’s book provides thorough instructions for building your own bike with many great illustrations taken along the way.The final product has incredible acceleration and an unbelievable top speed.

Nice work Greg.  See you on the streets.

Guy Teigen

Engineering Manager

Jastram Engineering Ltd.

North Vancouver, Canada

For even more value I will include the following free bonuses.

Bonelectric bicycle bike lightus #1 (How to Make a Bike Light)

In this ebook ($27 value for Free) you will learn how to make a powerful low cost dual light setup for your ebike using parts available at your local hardware store. For a fraction of what it would cost you to buy a high power mountain bike light you can make your own and will have no problem riding on the darkest of roads or trails at high speed.

BonuHeated Jacket for Electric Bicycles #2 (How to Make a Heated Jacket)

This ebook ($27 value for free) shows you how to make a heated jacket for less than $40 that plugs right into your electric bike and keeps you nice and warm during cold weather riding. This can save you several hundred dollars as a store bought jacket can cost over $400. You will also find out why store bought heated jackets or other DIY jackets may not produce enough heat when used on an electric bike. In the book you will find all the calculatings you need to make a jacket that produces as much heat as you want.

To completely remove any risk on your part, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Take a full 60 days to look over the ebook and if you are not completely satisfied just let me know and I will promptly send you a refund.

Your purchase is completely risk free!


This Book is Not Available in Stores.

electric bike

So if you have decided that never paying for gas again, making traffic jams a thing of the past, eliminating parking problems and reducing your carbon footprint PLUS the two free bonuses are worth $97 $47 then here's how to claim your copy.

To order "How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike" via a secure clickbank server for only $47 plus the two free bonuses, click here now.

electric bike pic

Don't be a victim of rising gas prices!

P.S. By ordering "How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike" today the fuel sitting in your cars gas tank right now may be the last gasoline you ever buy. This ebook takes you by the hand and walks you step by step through the entire build process showing you exactly how to build a high performance electric bike.

P.S.S. Don't forget, today you are getting a $151 value for only $47 if you order now. Don't delay or you may lose out on this limited offer.Click here to claim your risk free copy and start going green today.

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