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1hr 01mins

If you’d like to achieve 30%-50% more opens and more clicks on any direct response email within the next hour, this module is what you need. Christine provides you with the course overview for Knockout Copy and her foolproof, down-to-earth “1-2 Punch” that will turn anyone who uses her method into a more effective communicator. How do you define effective communication? By tracking your opens, clicks, and sales. She shows you how to use the expertise you already have to interest and excite your customers immediately. Recorded live for your use.

39mins 28secs

The two mapping formulae in this module provide any entrepreneur a solid, flexible backbone to your communication and sales strategy, no matter what product or service you’re selling or who your customer base is. By the way, do you KNOW who your customer base is? How do you know and why? And, what do they need from you? Mapping both your customer avatar and your target market dials in your niche so you can communicate more effectively, immediately.

31mins 56secs

Hold onto your seat because in this module Christine shares the “magic bullet” that made her an enduring professional copywriter who outperformed an entire seasoned copy team. You must cover this critical phase in developing your communication strategy because no matter how much you think you know about your product or service, you have barely scratched the surface of what your customers want to know about it, and that’s all they care about, what THEY want to know.

47mins 33secs

This module is the heart and soul of Knockout Copy. You do have a copywriting superpower and Christine is here to help you unlock it. Then, she’ll give you everything you need to supercharge you communication ability with a 512-point “Quick & Dirty” copywriting matrix that allows you to dial in your emotional triggers as easily as ordering takeout. This Emotional Matrix is one of the biggest reasons the Knockout Copy Course continues to be among the most popular Strategic Empire has produced.

1hr 07mins

The ugly truth of writing, especially copywriting, is that inspiration is a liar. In this module, you will learn how to stop waiting for the fickle muse of inspiration and start writing effective, battle-tested, and profitable copy on command. So you can have consistent, repeatable results and consistent, repeatable sales each and every day.

1hr 07mins

Your email, sales page, or social media post has approximately 6 seconds to convince the reader to keep reading or click on your page. To succeed, Christine shows you where 80% of your writing firepower needs to focus and how to improve on any headline instantly in this live-recorded copywriting clinic. Oh, and if you think the headline is the only part you need to worry about – think again because your email subject line is your “headline’s headline.”

1hr 39mins

In this deep dive, yet fast-paced module, Christine walks you step by step through the secret Video Sales Letter and Sales Page formula that has made her clients more than $20 million in revenue. This formula was developed to keep prospects engaged, focused, and enthused so that by the time you make your call to action (CTA), they’re wondering what took you so long.

1hr 15mins

You are a busy business owner and don’t have hours to spend soaking up information. You need a way to write fast, effective, profitable copy and keep doing it daily. You also need to keep your nose clean from a regulatory standpoint, so you have to know what claims you can and cannot make about your product or service so that you don’t wind up on the wrong side of the law. This module provides you both because Christine gives you the “how to” on the time-honored practice of “swiping” copy, and also gives you specific, real-world resources that will keep you from crossing any legal lines. If you needed a quick & dirty way to write, you need this module.

52mins 26secs

What if you could take one piece of content – anything from a blog post to a podcast – and turn it into a full week’s worth of direct response emails, forum posts, and social media content in less than 1 hour per day? After this final module in the Knockout Copy course, you will have the exact formula to do that. Plus, you also get a brilliant “easy add on” to increase your sales exponentially for very little time and effort.

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