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Minimalist Muscle Blitz

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Well...The Minimalist Muscle Blitz is going to transform your life (and physique) by grinding against the grain of all the muscle-building advice you’ve ever read, heard, or had whispered in your ear.

Men’s Health, FLEX, EliteFTS and even T-Nation...all these muscle-building authorities will tell you that the key to unlocking jarring levels of muscle growth is to simply

do more work


That means more volume, more exercises, more training sessions, and ultimately...more of your precious, valuable time spent in the gym.

There are three things you NEED to know about this mainstream muscle-building advice:

1. Being told to “do more” holds more people back than it helps (as you’ve experienced, if you’re reading this page).

The reason why is simple: doing too much, yet failing to do it consistently erodes your momentum and instills poor habits. Worse, if you're not sleeping or eating correctly, you'll spike CORTISOL, the stress hormone that can actually break down muscle tissue and lead to increased belly fat.

When you combine the STRESS of 2020, COVID, and your hectic life the last thing you need is unnecessary stress. 

A better option? Stick to a plan you'll do consistently that gets you in and out of the gym. This eliminates momentum zapping missed workouts and provides the balanced program you need for long-term results. 


60 minute workouts are NOT required to build an eye-catching physique.

In fact, over the 10+ years I’ve been helping build muscle and burn fat, those who focus on having QUALITY 30-40 minute training sessions


see greater results than those who try to slave away for 60 minutes (or more) in the gym.

3.’s just plain wrong. 

You don’t need MORE.

Counterintuitively, what you need is LESS.

Less volume, fewer exercises, and nothing more than three or four 30-40 minute workouts each week.

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