Powerful Ancient Art Of Wealth – Brand New Angle In Spirituality Niche

Powerful Ancient Art Of Wealth – Brand New Angle In Spirituality Niche

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Why is Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Bagua Pendant sold higher than so many Dragon & Phoenix Pendants sold online?

a.   We only get our obsidian directly from mines that contain the exact type of obsidian needed to keep you grounded and help you find balanced energy. Not all obsidian can do that. Especially not fake ones which you see in many online stores.

We’re very selective of the quality and the durability of each stone.

And as such we only outsource our Obsidian from countries where high quality Obsidian can be found such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

And that’s just the stone.

The workmanship of each pendant is exquisite.

It’s only made by experienced designers who appreciate and fully understand the deep meaning of the Bagua, Dragon & Phoenix symbol.

The Bagua, Dragon & Phoenix symbols are very intricate and take years of practice to carve them to perfection.

As precision is important here if you really want to experience real harmony and balance in your life.

There are no shortcuts or cutting corners here.

I personally and carefully choose the designers and carvers I trust. After going through a rigorous selection process…

We then go through a careful process of finishing…

Which is especially hard for obsidian since they are not easy to work with and require special tools such as a diamond saw to create.

Due to it’s glasslike properties, cutting an obsidian can be very tricky and requires expert care.

The whole process to create just one pendant takes a lot of time, effort and high precision skills from experienced jewelers.

So the fact that you’re getting this high-quality, one of a kind unique pendant at $59 is a huge bargain.

And the only reason why I’m selling this to you at such a low price is because I know so many people who’ve been lied to and cheated by greedy scammers selling fake Dragon & Phoenix pendants online.

Online marketplaces are flooded with these fake pendants

So, I’ve decided to give people a unique chance to witness the real power of an authentic Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Bagua Pendant.

One that transforms your life and attracts massive wealth and abundance almost in the blink of an eye.

The moment you put this pendant on, you’ll notice a stark difference in your energy and your frame of mind.

But I have to warn you…

I won’t be selling Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Bagua Pendant at $59 forever.

Considering the rising cost of mining, processing and finishing…

I might have to raise the prices very soon.

So if you want to get Lucky Dragon & Phoenix Bagua Pendant at the low price $59.

Then act fast and click the button below.

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