Master Li’s Universal Cheat Codes

Master Li’s Universal Cheat Codes

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In the early 1990's, Master Li made a discovery which would change his life forever....

On March 21st, 1991, Master Li was brutally attacked and arrested by the "Guoanbu", better known as Communist China's infamously vicious secret police service.

The Guoanbu

were notorious for their brutal tactics and persecution of everyday citizens for any show of disrespect against the state. Unfortunately, Master Li had fallen into their crosshairs...

Master Li was not arrested for any real crime, but instead arrested and threatened with the death penalty for his growing influence amongst millions of working-class Chinese...

Master Li shot to fame after his unique teachings helped millions of underclass Chinese workers lift themselves out of crippling poverty and into an abundance of life-changing wealth.

You might remember China implemented the "one child policy". This was partly due to Master Li's followers finally having the money to support multiple children, and country's population unexpectedly surging. Anyway...

Master Li's arrest came as a severe shock to his followers, as his teachings were, at the time, best described as a blend of traditional zen buddhism, astrology and powerful numerology.

More confusing still was the fact his teachings actually worked.

Grandmaster monks and the Chinese working class all condemned Master Li's detention.

After all... China was still recovering from the reign of Chairman Mao Zedong, a powerful dictator responsible for the deaths of 80 million peasants.Master Li was helping these people. He was like their Mother Theresa... why was he being arrested?

It was a confusing time for Master Li's devout followers, but there were things they did not know about him - and the Secret Police had begun to grow suspicious...

Master Li's humble life as a well respected Monk was about to be turned upside down....This is a story of fame, murder, money and manifestation.But let's start with Master Li's escape...

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