Woodworking & Locksmithing: Commission Just Bumped To 75%! New 2021

Woodworking & Locksmithing: Commission Just Bumped To 75%! New 2021

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Ever since I can remember, I've always been looking for an easy way out..

Maybe it's because I'm from a poor background and a rough area, most of the people around me had to turn to crime to make ends meet.

This gave me "a criminal mindset" growing up.

"I was always ducking and diving!"

I don't know what it is but even if things could be done legitimately, I would still look for an illegal shortcut!

This led to a few minor charges when I was young. Nothing too serious, you know, petty theft and things like that..

I knew I could do better for my community, I just didn't know how.

I didn't have any degree or qualifications on paper - but I was definitely STREET SMART.

"Let's just say, I'd picked up a few skills over the years that could be valuable (had I used them for good purposes)"

Here's the problem I faced..


I wanted a normal life, you know?

I dreamed of the good life WITHOUT having to look over my shoulder for fear of going back to jail, ending up in a fight or worse..

The problem is, I couldn't settle for the normal 9-5 "punching the clock" type of job.

I tried all that and I just didn't "fit in".

"I guess I was used to the "fast money" when it came quickly and easily... So working for $20 per hour for some jumped up boss in a cheap suit just didn't cut it man"

I had to find a way where I could still make money fast but it had to be legitimately.

I wanted the wife, the kids, the white picket fence - All that good s**t. 

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