The Valhalla Code – Unique Angle Increases Conversion Rate

The Valhalla Code – Unique Angle Increases Conversion Rate

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The Valhalla Code

(Achieve Financial Freedom, Good Health And Even Strong Relationships Using This Secret Technique Previously Only Known To The Ancient Nordic People)

Rune Symbols

A quick message from

Lars Björnsson

Lars Bjornsson

I Expect That You've Bought Manifestation Programs in The Past and Fail To See Any Results From it?

Don't worry, it's really not your fault.

You're probably fed with the wrong advice, and much of it from marketers disguised as manifestation and spiritual "gurus"...

...And who very likely never had any real success from their own programs — much less help you achieve yours.

Maybe You've Listened To The Following Kind of Advice in The Past:

"The better your vibes... the higher your vibrational frequency."

"Focus on what you want and you will manifest those things."

"Stay positive and you will get what you want."

It's everything you need to do, right?


Here's The Truth — These Advice Are NOT Going To Work Very Well For You Anymore

Because they are blindly repeated without anyone actually thinking about WHY they work and is usually produced by serial marketers who are just out to make a quick buck from you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they DON'T Work at all.

They still do BUT if you want to start being more EFFECTIVE at attracting your desires and see concrete results...

You Should Approach it From A DIFFERENT Angle

I've been seeing results with my manifestation efforts consistently for almost a decade now.

I've tested an EFFECTIVE yet simple way of attaining your desires to the point where I pretty much know WHEN I will get them.

I know why my manifestation efforts failed in the past and what is the reason.

I know the mistakes 99% of people make when they practice the law of attraction.

And guess what?

People are still making those mistakes today, as they were 10 years ago!

All You Need To Do is To Make A Few Small Changes To How You Manifest And You Will Be Able To See Your Results Come in Quickly

What may surprise you is seeing your debts clear up miraculously...

Your dream car manifest right before your eyes...

Or even finding yourself on your desired vacation unexpectedly.

You just need to incorporate a simple technique during your sessions.

And because you've now steered away from the 'old rules', you'll suddenly find yourself becoming very effective — that's your natural advantage...

I'll show you exactly how to do this AND the exact method I use for myself, even today.

You DON'T need to spend hours because let's face it, you can be very busy every other day.

You DON'T need to be a manifestation expert to increase your vibrational frequency — just follow my instructions in the rune journeys I'll provide you in this program.

You DON'T need any complicated tools or software. What you get in the program is everything you need.

Because that is NOT what effective manifestation is about.

Allow me to repeat:

If you are currently not reaching your goals, it is not your fault.

The internet is filled with so many conflicting and complicated information about the Law of Attraction that people like you and me can become confused...

They get overwhelmed and think that it's not something they can do.

Put away what you've been taught in the past. Forget what you heard or read.

If you incorporate this lesser known technique (previously available only to the ancient Nordic people) that I'll show you, you'll be so much closer to your goals.

You will have clarity and know what steps to take so that you can properly chart your path forward and attain your true destiny.

So What Am I Talking About Exactly?

Valhalla Code System

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In ancient Nordic tradition, it is believed that your Viking Birth Runes are interwoven with your destiny

They can reveal things you never knew about yourself.   

They can give you insights into your situation — no matter how complicated they seem.   

And very importantly, answer questions you have about your life.

But first...

I'm going to push you to stop chasing rainbows.

We are going to hunker down and have you focus your action on a few rune journeys that should have you see results in 7 days or less. These are simple guided instructions that you won't be expecting but I promise you will love it!

We are going to be building a complete manifestation experience that incorporates the power of runes and their qualities — a madly-effective method that will fill you cup with abundance till it overflows...

...Without sapping all your time and energy.

(Ever wondered why the Nordic countries have always top the list in being the happiest nations on Earth? *Wink*)

Simple, focused and fun — you just need to follow my instructions.

So, I'm going to share with you what has been working for me — I'll cut away the fluff and dive right into the important runes to focus on.

You will have a new knowledge of these enigmatic symbols, what they represent in your life and what they can do for you.

The best part is... nobody else, apart from my students and select friends have done this. So you can be assured that you are part of an exclusive group of individuals who have access to this secret.

But don't just hear from me. Hear from them too:

FB Testimonials

So, What's Included?

The Valhalla Code is a full program which includes a concise 17-page manual (I cut away all fluff) and a set of 3 guided audios with proprietary instructions to wire your brain so that you can align yourself with the power of runes — this will help you become the best version of yourself.

You will have INSTANT access to all of them in digital format (including the exclusive bonuses I'm gonna reveal in awhile) so that you can start manifesting anything you want 3 to 5 times more effectively.

I realised majority of people today are working full-time and/or have many commitments so it's geared around you having enough time to see tangible results yet work at your own speed.

It is so flexible, anyone can benefit from it. For example...

The Fehu Switch CD (Solo)

If you are looking to increase wealth, use The Fehu Switch.

Jera Harvest CD (Solo)

If you want to turn your dreams into reality in concrete ways, Jera Harvest can help.

Thurisaz Empowerment CD (Solo)

And if you are struggling and in need of strength and protection, call upon the mighty Thor through the rune, Thurisaz.

Still with me?

I hope you are because what you are about to discover will be intriguing!

If you decide to get a copy of The Valhalla Code today, I will throw in these irresistible bonuses:

Rune Cheatsheet

The Rune cheatsheet serves as a compliment to the three guided audios.  

Think of it as a booster that will supercharge your results and take them to the next level.

Miracle Switch

Rune symbols can be placed together in different orders to mean different things.

Whether your goal is to clear a debt...

To find your soul mate...  

Or to even achieve better health...

Setting your intentions right with a runescript can be VERY powerful.

The Miracle Switch will teach you how to set up your very first runescript in as quick as the next hour.

To sum it, here are just some of the most shocking truths you will discover with the system:

  • Your hidden destiny and true potential

  • Improved mental and intuitive abilities to help you become a more effective individual

  • Divine strength to help you overcome even the toughest of situations

  • Understanding of runes and how they can help you manifest 3 to 5 times faster

  • The secret to achieving the wealth and abundance you deserve

  • The key concepts of the runes that will alter the course of your life forever

  • How to create your own runescript for added benefits

Valhalla Code System

Regular $97 TODAY Just $37!

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If you’ve been waiting to go beyond where you are currently at, this is YOUR chance

You've been searching for answers and it is my hope to help you claim your best life ever through the ways of the Old Norse.

Let me add this again — you will NOT find anything like this in the market.

That's why, if you decide to take action right now, I will give you a MASSIVE 62% discount off the normal price of $97 — for $37!

I cannot guarantee this price will stay forever as more people join the program — in fact, to keep it exclusive and to ensure that only serious students join in the future, it is VERY LIKELY I will increase the price to the full amount after this launch.

My Goal is Simple

To help you manifest 3 to 5 times more effectively by showing you a simple and practical way to incorporate the power of runes in your sessions.

...And if you purchase today, your system will include ALL THE BONUSES I've mentioned above.

The proprietary guided audios you will have access utilize specialized instructions (rune journeys) to automatically and effortlessly unlock the success, abundance and confidence you deserve.

And because I am so confident that once you have the guidance and insights provided within The Valhalla Code, you will begin to experience massive success...

...I am adding something crazy — a 60-day money-back guarantee that takes away ALL risks on your end.

Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the entire Valhalla Code system and are not 100% satisfied with the information and wisdom contained within, simply write in to us and we will refund your entire purchase — no questions asked. 

On top of that, as a thank you for giving us your valuable time, I will insist that you keep the whole course, as my gift to you.

This mind-blowing offer won't last so take action and get The Valhalla Code system today!

Valhalla Money Back

Regular $97 TODAY Just $37!

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The Gods of The Old Norse Be With You,

Lars Björnsson

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