Beat BetonMarkets 2007.

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  "I use to be all over the
board with my financial bets, making all kinds of plays in almost every
market. It was a mess, and of course an expensive hobby. Since reading
this book I now play a very organized game and know when to use which type
of wager. Best part, my expensive hobby has become a source of profits."

Beat Binary Options was written by an actual successful
binaries player and trader who
knows all the tricks of the trade.

Dear Trading Friend,

My name is Drew. Some of you might
know me from having read my best-selling online poker strategy book,

How to Shake the
Online Poker Money Tree
. That one has now
sold hundreds of copies with a refund request rate of under 3% and many
raving testimonials. In my new manual, I teach you how to win consistently
at financial betting with a binary options account.

The same basic traits which make a
winning poker player are also applicable to winning at any other
probability game, especially trading the financial markets. (As a matter
of fact, Jack Schwager commented in his Market Wizards
books on how many of the world's most successful traders were also poker
players.)  The traits I am referring to are the

ability to identify an edge and the
discipline to work a winning system
. But whereas poker can be
exploited as an income source, trading and/or financial betting can be
used to compound your savings into wealth.

Of course,
wasn't always a winning trader
. It took years of study, research,
determination, as well a heavy tuition in losing trading systems before I
became reliably profitable. Fixed-odds binary options have always been a weapon in my
trading arsenal. Most of the
things I did to get where I am now boil down to:

 Finding bet return prices
that are returning enough to be long-run profitable

•  Locating trade set-ups that
are favorable compared to the bet return price

 Using an optimal position
size strategy for the account size

 Developing and using a
simple but powerful business plan for my binaries wagering

It isn't all that hard to do after you
have the trading system defined, but you must understand what you are
doing and why. With a little practice, it will become routine and you can
pretty much turn it on auto-pilot.
Fortunately for you, I have written an easy-to-follow but very in-depth
instruction manual that can be used to duplicate my results! There is no
need for you to pay the same heavy tuition that I have.

Would you like to start winning consistently?

Would you like to have the security of
knowing that you have a trading account earning a very high rate
of return, is compounding, and will one day allow you to retire in luxury?

"Following the position
size recommendations, I can now see myself graduating to a brokerage
account soon. I am calculating that I actually should be able to enjoy a
very comfortable early retirement."

Binary options have certain features that
make them a unique trading vehicle. Some of these are beneficial, but many
are a drawback. Winning trading principles must be tweaked to work with
the bet pricing system. I have done that for you. But more
importantly, I also show you how to tweak them back again so that you can
take these strategies with you into the brokerage community when you are

"This is one of the best
trading books I have ever read, period, and I have read darn near all of
them. Forget the binary options sites, the author should be conducting full-blown
trading seminars in the real world."

Unfortunately, there exists a small risk
that if too many people start beating binary options trading, the binaries
sites will change their
system so that some of the strategies in this book will become less
effective. For that reason, I will only sell a limited number of copies.
I will pull it from the market when I decide
that number has been reached.

So if you are interested, I'd buy today.
It really, really, really might not be available tomorrow – and your
satisfaction is guaranteed anyway, so you've got nothing to lose.

Happy trading!

-Drew K

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