Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance

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Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated trying to create what you

really want in your life?

Have the economy, world conditions, and life's challenges

seem to have drained your creative energy?

Frankly, you

deserve more and you can live with more joy

abundance and wealth than most people ever dream...

First, lets

clarify something...

It's not about the money


about how you feel...


Abundance was the jump start that I needed to

get out of my poverty consciousness and into abundance

consciousness. My expectations in working with

the these principles were exceeded! life

has changed dramatically in virtually every facet.


wisdom, visualizations, and practical exercises

are packed with power. Expect results! I have

had amazing results ...without giving anything

up. Somehow I now have enough $$$ ever since

I've put these principles into practice."


Mengle - New Jersey

Fact:  We're

all born without an "owner's manual"

for prosperity and abundance in our lives. In this

time of economic uncertainty, layoffs, corporate corruption,

eroded benefits and gutted retirement accounts, we

need a new alternative - an alternative that's

been proven to work that will help you create

abundance and lasting prosperity in your life.

Instead of settling for "trial and error"

methods, we've created a proven way to help

you clear any blocks to living abundantly

and experience more clarity and passion in

your daily life.

Have you struggled to find a way to live with

more prosperity in your life?

Are you tired of worrying about money and how

to earn more?


for a moment what your life would be like without

worries about money...

Really take a deep breath,

close your eyes

and really allow yourself to

f-e-e-l what it would be like

to be free of money issues in your life.

Really stop right now

and read the sentence above once more.

How would you wake up each morning? - knowing you're

free of issues with bills, taxes, income and providing

for your family?

Take a few moments and really ponder what this would

actually feel like in your life...

Close your eyes, take 3-4 deep breaths and really

allow yourself to feel the feeling of what it would

be like...

Some may feel that being free of these prosperity

issues is little hard to believe. Many people who

struggle believe that things won't get better in their

life, and end up living their lives in "quiet


You deserve better and you have the power

within you to live abundantly - today.

Remember the tug of rope game you played when you

were a kid? Now imagine when the other side just lets

go of the rope - that's what it's like when you clear

the inner blocks that hold your prosperity back. A

feeling of no resistance - no struggle - only



other words... you're free to create the kind of life you truly deserve.



not about the money


about how you f-e-e-l...



Simple 4 Step formula for

creating what you want in life:


Decide what you don't want in your life

(problems, debt, lack of money flow, etc).


Get clarity on what you do

want most in life.


Clear whatever blocks the flow of abundance in your



Manifest it -

in other words, make it real and

enjoy how good it feels to create

what you deserve in life.

It's that simple.

I know, you're probably saying "It can't

be that easy" -"If it was, I would

have already created what I want in my life"

The trouble is our overly busy minds

prevent us from ever finding the real problems in

our lives and releasing these problems -

right from the roots

just like when you pull weeds from your garden.

The key is not leaving any "old parts"

of the root behind.

Because if you don't, the "old parts" will

continue to create the same problems over

and over again. Do you see why most

self-help techniques don't work? They work at the

conscious level - not the subconscious

level (where all problems "hide").

This is not "new age rhetoric", but serious

and effective energy clearing right down to

your DNA (the basic building block of life).

Most people say: "But if it was that easy,

why haven't I already created what I want in my life?"


working with over 6500 clients from across the world,

this complaint is the one I hear most. And you want

to know the truth? If you believe "It can't

be that easy" -"If it was, I would have

already created what I want in my life", then

that belief is

the reason why you haven't created

what you really want in life.


and simple.


problem isn't the formula - because it's

based on universal laws - just like gravity -

and like gravity, it works all the time.


you haven't been creating what you want, the ONLY

problem is you've got a subconscious block that's

"stuck" under the surface of your awareness,

and that subconscious block can easily be



had the same problem back in my late twenties and

early thirties. I bought into the "social

hypnosis" that you have to work hard

and "suffer" through life in order to get

what you want. I wasn't aware that my beliefs about

money, career, and related issues weren't even my

own! It took me over 10 years of struggle to let go

of patterns that were passed down to me that caused

the struggle and heartache with money and prosperity.

Instead of enjoying the rich golden sunsets of life,

I was too busy trying to get ahead

to the next days "achievements" and accomplishments.

Do you ever feel this way?

Not being in the moment and overstriving for

the brass ring, more money, bigger house, etc?

Let's look deeper into a possible cause...

Prosperity Reversal - What Is It And How

Do You Know If You Have It?

But what if you've tried all the techniques and none

of them seem to work for you? You've read the books,

listened to loads of tapes, and even been to seminars

- but you're still "stuck"? You may have

what's called "Prosperity Reversal".

In short, Prosperity Reversal means that there's an

unconscious block that literally "reverses"

the flow of abundance in your life. In other words,

no matter what you do, abundance still eludes


And no matter what you try, it seems to backfire or


Here's where it really get's interesting...

Even the smartest, most resourceful

people can have Prosperity Reversal. It doesn't play

favorites. But you know you have it if you feel stuck

and you've tried literally everything "to get

things going" in your finances or your prosperity


So how do we solve this age-old issue?

I've created what's called the "Abundance

Activation Technique" and its

guaranteed to help you clear even the deepest

hidden subconscious beliefs that have stopped

you in the past.

What is the Abundance Activation Technique™

and how does it work for you?

Simply stated, the Abundance

Activation Technique™

helps you:

1) Identify the hidden beliefs

and subconscious blocks that have

stopped you from attracting, earning and living the

abundant life you know you deserve.

2) Clear them from their

roots (where they lie in the subconscious)

once and for all

3) Manifest the success and prosperity

you deserve

How does it work? The Abundance

Activation Technique helps you determine

the core belief (what I call the

"Origin Thought") that

is causing the lack of money, opportunity, friends,

partnerships and success in your life.

Once you've identified this "Origin Thought",

and know how to clear it, you'll be more free than

you've felt in years. You'll be astounded when you

learn what your "Origin Thought"

is and how it has wreaked havoc in your career, your

family life and your peace of mind.


It's not about the money


about how you f-e-e-l...


is your chance to finally end your struggle

with not just earning more money in your life, but

to feel free in all

areas of your life as well.



Your Career

Your Relationships

Your Spiritual Life

Your Creativity


you're really ready for more than just change

- If you're ready to finally let go of old patterns

that sap your strength and energy, then Creating

Abundance - The Simple Way will catapult

you to heights you've always longed for (but didn't

know how to attain).


of the greatest benefits I've received from learning

the Principles of Creating Abundance is understanding

what true abundance is. I find the Clearing Exercise

is a wonderful way to release blocks. I also like

how simple and quickly it works. I find it much

easier to release blocks and I can do it much

faster than before.

This program really does work and the inner solace

that it provides is far greater than I ever imagined.

Plus the techniques work quickly and are extremely

effective. This program also helped me begin to

gain a clearer understanding of my spiritual path."


Karen Tolliver, North Carolina


here now to order your

Creating Abundance and Free Bonuses


Creating Abundance™ in

your life will help you: 

  • Unlock your inner

    abundance so you can live from an abundance

    consciousness (rather than a poverty consciousness)

  • Discover

    the hidden cause of almost all financial

    problems (and how to resolve them once and for all)

  • Dramatically improve

    your finances and also how you feel about

    the wealth you already have within


  • Create lasting

    improvements in your career, your relationships and your


  • Remove any roadblocks that prevent you from getting what you want

    in life

  • Create remarkable

    improvements in your mental and emotional health

    — even if other methods you've used haven't


  • Heal old emotional

    issues surrounding prosperity in your life

  • Helps you master

    the science of abundance consciousness

    and how to attract money, people, better jobs and

    more importantly, how

    you feel about the money and

    possessions you already have

  • Maximizes your

    ability to enjoy an abundance lifestyle with more inner


  • Accelerates

    the learning process of overcoming any challenge


too good to be true?

Many people feel this way before they discover that

living an abundant life isn't just for the select

few. Artists, business owners, therapists, parents,

truck drivers, - people of all kinds

have abundance within them...

You have the seed of
true abundance within
right now
as you read this. The KEY is to discover it, nurture
it and allow it to grow and expand in your own life.


note from Nathalie Sequeira from the Netherlands

and her experience with Creating Abundance...

Just 7 hours after your guided manifestation

exercise my wish for paid work from wonderful

customers HAS begun manifesting!!! The phone

rang, and there she was, this wonderful woman

asking me to make her a website for REAL money

and all the requirements and conditions sound

just PERFECT!! THANK YOU for helping me connect

to all this precious wisdom on the *knowing*


I feel now how there is much more to come, another

story worth the telling to add to the many many

you have helped jumpstart! I'll update you on

how it manifests!

Meanwhile, lots

and lots of love and joy and health to you and

yours!!! - Nathalie -

If prosperity and abundance has been a challenge for

you in your life, Creating Abundance™ software

will be a breath of fresh air for you...

Based on the powerful Creating Abundance Course taught

around the world by Paul Bauer, this powerful new program

gives you both the key principles and the experience

of abundance and prosperity so you can benefit from

them daily.

If you've had a challenge of earning what you're

worth, or attracting the kind of career that gives

you fulfillment, this new program will help you make

breakthroughs that may have seemed nearly impossible

to you you in the past.

The new Creating Abundance™ program will help you

find the blocks that prevent your prosperity

from flowing freely and help you clear them once

and for all. The key benefit you'll experience from

using this program is a sense of clarity and

freedom regarding your finances, your

prosperity and your overall well-being.

Abundance™ - The Simple Way
help you free up any "stuck energy" in your
life and help you experience the kind abundance you
truly deserve

Wondering if you need Creating Abundance™ in
your life? If you haven't already, take our wealth test and see how you score.

Main Sections of Creating Abundance™ are:

  • "Abundance
    - with the
    new Abundance
    Activation Technique

    "Abundance Activator" will help you
    what your unhealthy subconscious money beliefs
    are and give you specific steps on how to clear

    You'll learn how to get to the root of
    all money problems
    and eliminate them
    - once and for all.

  • The Morning
    Abundance Exercise
    - A breakthrough
    exercise that helps you start start each day on
    the right track.

    This is the KEY manifesting process that over 3000
    people have learned and used to create miraculous
    results in their lives. When I discovered this exercise,
    I doubled my business in less than 30 days. (And
    it happened using my existing skills.)

    The Morning Abundance Exercise
    ™ will show
    you exactly how to get "in the zone"
    of an abundance consciousness and specifically
    how to live that way each day.

    This powerful exercise has proven itself to be the
    single most powerful exercise for manifesting what
    you really want in your life. It works because it
    helps you "tune-in" to your natural strengths
    and helps you achieve the goals and Dreams your
    Heart longs for.

  • The
    Abundance Coach
    - Your daily coach that helps you focus in on your
    talents, your inner wealth and
    your hidden power. Unlike most coaching, the Abundance
    Coach stays with you and continues
    to pay dividends for you months
    you purchase it

    Imagine having your own personal abundance coach
    - right there on your PC when you need them the
    (especially during the days that seem overwhelming).

    The breakthroughs you'll make with The Abundance
    ™ at your side will astound
    you. Old blocks, fears, and dis-empowering beliefs
    will fade away with a Mentor that never
    judges you
    - instead The Abundance
    ™ will help you find your
    inner strengths and help you earn more, expand your
    career, develop your abundance consciousness and
    more. And when you choose to use your inner power
    and abundance, you'll amaze yourself.

  • Your own Personal
    Abundance Journal
    - which allows you to tap into your intuitive power and
    trust it. This is a customized Journal that
    helps you learn from your experiences and allows
    reelection on lessons you learn along the way. Like
    trusted friend, your Personal
    Abundance Journal
    helps your learn from problems and challenges
    in your life so you can let go of negative emotions
    and find their hidden value.

    You'll also be able to journal your accomplishments
    and achievements - so they act as a firm
    for your wealth and prosperity

  • Special
    Clearing Exercises

    powerful clearing exercises help you clear ANY
    unconscious beliefs that are holding you back from
    living your life with abundant joy and happiness
    (to mention just a few of the practical applications
    you'll experience from using these amazingly powerful

  • Specially
    Designed Abundance Meditations

    Specially designed meditations by Susan M. Castle
    (author of the powerful Essence method) which give
    you the peace of mind and calm energy that
    attracts abundance into your life

  • Success
    Stories To Inspire You

    True stories from people like you who have used
    these principles to attract their perfect relationship,
    build their businesses, heal from disease, earn
    more money (and feel better about it in the process),
    and more...

  • Audio

    You'll have instant access to our recorded
    archives of our popular

    Tele-Conferences at your fingertips whenever
    you need them
    . This will give you both conceptual
    and experiential knowledge of these
    new principles so you can apply them instantly
    in your life. (Great when you need to learn and
    review them "on the go")

you'll get when you order your personal
copy of

Creating Abundance:

  • Free Gift #

    1 - Free E-Book by Paul Bauer - "How To Create Real

    Wealth In Your Life" (Worth $27.00)

  • Free Gift #

    2 - Special Follow Up Exercises

    to help you tap your inner wealth and abundance

    (Worth over $39.00)

  • Free Gift #

    3 - "The 7 Main Abundance Mistakes People Make

    and How To Avoid Them"

    Special Report (Worth over $29.00)

  • Free Gift #

    4 - Free admission

    to future Creating Abundance Tele-Conferences (worth

    more than $99.00)

  • Free Gift #

    5 - Free updates for

    1 year (worth more than $129.00).

    You'll receive free

    updates to Creating Abundance with new features

    to help you increase your wealth

    consciousness and ability to create results beyond

    your wildest dreams.

    PLUS - you can become part of our special

    "Abundance Advisory Board". Become part

    of a worldwide team that will support you as you

    grow your abundance consciousness and your ability

    to attract what you most desire in your life.

    As part of our "Abundance Advisory Board",

    you'll be able to communicate directly with Paul

    Bauer - creator of Creating Abundance, and participate

    in the evolution of this life changing product.

These free bonuses are

worth well over $323.00,

but they're yours FREE

when you order your copy of Creating Abundance™ - The Simple Way



is it worth to you to be able to be free of

financial and prosperity issues that have plagued

you for years?


products with as much impact cost over 400.00 - and

Creating Abundance could easily priced at that level.

One course alone costs $995.00 and does not have the

daily guidance to help you let go of the blocks that

have created your abundance and prosperity issues.


course cost over 400.00 and takes weeks to complete.

because we know you need to gain access to this material
in a way that you can more easily afford it and use
in your life, Creating Abundance
is priced at only $97.00 and you
can clear age-old issues in just days.


we have a convenient EasyPay plan that helps you spread

your payments over three months while you see for

yourself that Creating Abundance works.)

Click here to now order your Abundance

program and Free Bonuses

If what you've read about Creating Abundance seems

"too quick and easy", you might want to

ask yourself why you might feel that letting go of

unwanted financial and prosperity issues must necessarily

be long and difficult.


you can let go of problems in days instead of months

or years, why would you choose to hold on to anything

that holds you back?

Take a moment for just you...

and take a deep breath...

really    b    r    e    a    t    h    e  

.   .   .

and close your eyes and say to yourself:

"I now deserve to finally break free of whatever

has prevented me from realizing the prosperity and

abundance that is my birthright."



not about the money

about how you f-e-e-l...

Iron Clad, No
Questions Asked, 100% Risk-Free Money Back
Guarantee for 60 Days!

If at any time "Creating Abundance"

fails to live up to your expectations—let

me know and we'll promptly issue you a full

refund. No questions. No hassles. Just a sincere

"Thank you" from us for giving "Creating

Abundance" a shot. In fact, it's more

than a's a promise.

Click here to now order your Abundance

program and Free Bonuses

wait even one more day to claim the abundance and
prosperity you truly deserve?
Click here now
and get your copy
of Creating Abundance
- The Simple Way
today. Just
26 cents a day
and you'll be on your way to living
a rich and rewarding life - once and for all...


Your Dreams And

To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

Click here to now order your Abundance

Program and Free Bonuses

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