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Trade for profit in up or down markets with the research and insight from Doug Eberhardt’s over 30 years of trading experience by signing up for the ETF Trading Service.

In Doug’s book Illusions of Wealth he introduces a new dynamic to investing that takes advantage of market trends and allows you to profit in up or down markets with shorter time frames with the right setups that are provided.

The ETF Trading Service is tracking 46 handpicked ETFs that meet certain criteria providing buy, sell and stop alerts 5 days a week where the goal is to control losses and maximize profits. The ETF Trading Service also provides an in-depth market analysis before each trading day.

Etf Trading Service Profit In Up Or Down Markets Illusions Of Wealth


Handpicked ETFs Analyzed


ETFs for Tracking Purposes

10 of the 46 ETFs analyzed are related to the precious metals market where Doug has been calling these particular ETFs better than anyone. These 10 ETFs include , NUGT, GDXJ, JNUG, USLV, DSLV, DUST and JDST but we also analyze GLD, SLV, GDX (these last 3 are not leveraged ETFs but utilized for tracking purposes).

The majority of the ETFs pertain to the stock market where we make calls to buy ETFs that are long or short the market based on trends.

We also have a good energy section that takes advantage of moves in the oil, natural gas and energy ETFs.

There’s always something moving that we can trade either direction. That’s what makes this Service unique.

We hope to see you there as Doug brings you the best analysis on ways you can profit trading leveraged ETFs. There is no trading service like it. The 2 week trial is only and $1 lets you judge the Service before you subscribe. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Sign Up to Our Service

    Start your ETF Service trial today for only $1. You have 14 days to decide if the $100/monthly fee is worth it.

  • Read the ETF Rules

    Thoroughly read and understand the ETF Trading Rules. These will be provided to you once you sign up.

Radio Interview

Below are two interviews of Doug Eberhardt that talk about the ETF Trading Service

where you can gain more understanding on how the Service works.

 Money Life Interview With Doug Eberhardt

Money Life Interview With Doug Eberhardt

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 DIY Investing Summit Interview Illusions of Wealth

DIY Investing Summit Interview Illusions of Wealth

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Here is what some of our customers are saying about the trading service:

  • Doug provides a very strong service and I would highly recommend it for the niche that it is designed to fill. He is very much on top of the changes in these fast moving ETF's and is very quick to respond to client questions. A winner on all counts!

    Ole W2

  • I learned about Doug's service through a fellow investor. I have achieved exceptional results from following his Trading Rules and ETF recommendations. Most of my trades have been within one day, although a few have carried over into two or more days of trading. Most of my trades have been less than $20,000, but none have exceeded $30,000 in total funds traded at any one time. During that time, I have earned almost $23,000 net of commissions and stop losses. Most of that has been in the last couple of months. The first few months I was more conservative as I was still learning to follow Doug’s rules. I have had a few losses from setting stop losses and having them executed, but that is part of minimizing losses. I have learned that if I study, learn and follow Doug's Trading Rules and his daily Trading Analysis recommendations, I can achieve outstanding returns and minimize losses. I highly recommend this service.


  • Doug provides expert analysis in this irrational market. Doug helps his clients capitalize on trends while also reducing risk. His wit and sense of humor also help make this service fun for me. I'm not betting the farm on the ETF service but am enjoying it and I'm improving at it. The trading rules are requiring me to change a number of bad behaviors I've had in investing and old habits do die hard, but the more I follow them, the greater my success is. This is a great service for anyone that has the self discipline to follow Doug's rules. My recommendation is to follow a few pairs of contrasting ETFs (e.g., DWTI?UWTI, DGAZ/UGAZ, JNUG/JDST) and get good at these. Find some pairs you like and their success can lead to broadening the ones you want should you choose to.


  • This service assumes the subscriber possesses a certain knowledge of trading mechanics and financial markets, as well as emotional control. Given these, the subscriber can make consistent, large profits regardless of whether the market is up or down by following Doug’s trading rules and making the swing trades he recommends. He provides astute analysis of the markets from both a micro and macro point of view. Bottom line: Highly recommended, but you must follow his trading rules and pay close attention to his daily comments.


  • When I first joined (at the end of this week, I will be in his service for two months), my goal was to make a modest $800 to $1,000 each month. My hope was to make the $1,000 and come out of the year ahead by $12,000. With still one week to go to complete my first two months, I have profited more than $3,263. I have exceeded my highest hopes. The amount of money I have invested in any ETF trade varies. The most I invested was $34,000, but most trades have been from $22,000 to as little as $6,000. Doug's service covers more than 40 ETFs. I highly recommend that people check out the service that Doug provides, especially if you are interested in making money whether the market is going up or down. Raul G


  • I'm  lovin the new service. Excellent communication, information and trade alerts.  With your guidance I am hopeful to stay far away from the losers camp where I came from. So far so good. I really like your style and integrity.

    Ron M.

  • My first trade with your service, I locked in JDST at 15% profit in less than 2 days! I was comfortable with that to get a win under my belt, although it may run further.

    Michael G.

  • Most of my research and interest in the past has been in gold and silver, which is what led me to your ETF service and why I have mostly traded NUGT/DUST, but been reading the details you outlined on the UWTI call you made and it was phenomenal.  Going to broaden my scope outside of precious metals and start paying attention to all of the other sectors you are also covering in your ETF service.Very happy I signed up for your service.

    Jeff T.

  • Something i would like to share with you: i took $20,000, concentrated on JNUG only. In and out with your signals- i have your service since 10/6 (wrote this 8 days later), I made $5500. Incredibly pleased.


  • I've only taken three positions: JNUG, NUGT, and TBT. After being stopped out and re-entering, I'm up almost $4K. For that gain, I paid $275.

    Carl S

  • Over the last few years as an investor/novice trader, I’ve realized utilizing trading resources is the single most important investment to your financial success. Doug Eberhardt’s subscription service - Illusions Of Wealth, provides the essential elements to successful trading and market trends; it caters to both novice investor and day trading alike.

    With frequent trade alerts, in-depth email updates and daily summaries, investors can engage their own trading tendencies with more clarity, guidance and conviction – supported by a seasoned expert in the field. I particularly appreciate the commitment and integrity Doug has to his new client base success - providing necessary, initial communications and support materials to build a framework of understanding for a lifetime of ongoing, successful trading.


    Michael S

  • Six months ago I was new to investments such as stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, my concentration had always been real estate. I set out to learn other investments and was dealing with two other services concerning investment strategies and each one would only give vague information and basically I was all left to figure out how other investments worked.
    When I was first introduced to Doug and his Illusions of Wealth strategies I was struck with his integrity and approach to business. Unlike other services, Doug is willing make specific calls on ETFs and above that, he has proven to be a good teacher and always willing to correspond with me.
    My investment in his service has proven to be the best investment so far.

    Ken W

  • I made 10 percent last month! (Well, at that time, yes, This past month I'm up about 20 percent. And off I went in search of someone to teach me how to trade safely, judiciously, and, above all, profitably. Took me a while, but I've found you. I only hope that you'll maintain your service for at least another five years or so. Ten would be better. But if you do retire, please give us your best recommendation of someone else to follow as we do you.)

    And as I noted yesterday, as a novice trader, I made many of the mistakes to which you alluded in your post tonight. But I now have a plan, and now know the rules, and am quite sure that I'll quickly leave my forsaken "financial advisers" in the dust.

    Danny D.

  • I have about $300K+ invested which means I am generally investing about $100K on various trades (3X) rules! I tend to stay on JUNG/JDST, DGAZ,UGAZ and a little UWT/DWT, and every once in a while I will try something else, but tend to stay focused on the ones listed. I make a dollar amount regardless of the % of returns. So for example if the markets open and 5 minutes into trading I am up $1000.00 I close out for the day. In other words my dollar profit currently is $1000.00. If the markets open and it takes me 3 hours to make $1000.00 then so be it.

    I have chosen this approach because it seriously lowers the emotions involved in the trading. Also, my wife and I discussed it and currently we are more than thrilled making $1000.00 per day. I will say I am about ready to move up the mark to about $1300.00 per day simply because as the account grows it is easier to make $1000.00 per day.

    Obviously some days I lose a little or don’t make the $1000.00 per day, but 4 out of 5 days I do. So far over the last 6 months I have grown our account by approximately $100K. We are on target for $200K for the year. About 6 months ago I pulled out $100k for a little remodeling on the house and a Europe trip for my wife and I. But as I mentioned, we still have around $300K in the account.

    Doug, thanks so much for your continued teaching and reminders “it’s all about profits”. This is the best business venture I have ever done, real estate included.


  • I started to manage my accounts on my own actively since about march 2017 since i had not much to do at work.  Quickly I realized I could do good things on my own but needed good advice and rules , was reading a lot on seeking alpha, found some writers foolish and others brilliant , especially you and decided to give your service a try and was pretty pleased with it ever since !

    When i met my wife i made the turn towards saving a lot of money with simple rules in every day living expenses  (my wife is an expert on saving but is not afraid to spend when it is worth it) , and in 2017 i read many of my life rules were advocated by ''Mister money mustache'' for example, and he retired at 30 and got richer ever since. At the same time i awakened to the fact i already had enough to retire if i managed it right.   With your expertise, rules and advice and my lifestyle  my stash will  last forever if not grow ''bigly''  !

    I have been meaning to quit my job (a commute of 45 minutes )  but it turned out I only had to wait since my division of the company was not busy enough and did not make money.  I was finally laid end of july and it was just a relief !  The next week i was on vacation on the road with the family in ontario and new york state and i managed to make a good profit (about 4 times what i was making in my regular job) on my phone with your advice lol !!  How great is that ?

    I am finally free and I stay home everyday with my kids (12,12 and 11 yrs old) doing what I want to do which is being there for them, having lunch with my wife (she works minutes from our home)  swimming in my pool and playing basketball with the kids in the afternoon in my driveway !

    Life for me could not be any better than right now !

    Now some more feed back about how much profit your subscribers make:  i just realised that over the 10 weeks i was with your service i made 43K$ !!!  (even though i did not always sell the spike nor execute perfectly what you advised and at the beginning i was kind of shy and traded less of my money...)

    Thanks again !

    Aug 12, 2017


  • I have to say, when I look at my accounts today compared to where they were a year ago I am AMAZED - THANK YOU!

    Aug 16, 2017


  • Just a note to express my gratitude for a great service you are providing at such a reasonable rate.  I have been one of the first members to your service. Actually I had signed up for your service originally when you were actively writing articles for Seeking Alpha. Then you had to stop the service to finish your recent book Illusions Of Wealth, which my family and I have enjoyed reading it.  I was very happy to see that you resumed the service after the book was published.

    Over the past few months you have improved the service tremendously and it is hard not to make money with your recommendations. You are actively engaged with your subscribers and always ask for our opinions and figure out a way to further improve the daily trades.

    Keep up the great work and many thanks!

    Aug 21, 2017


  • I'm doing great today Doug! Keep up the good work. On record for the best month since joining your service. I'm finally figuring things out.



    Aug 25, 2017


  • I like your trades of the week!

    8/7    UGAZ 10%

    8/14 DWT 4%

    8/21  UGAZ 7%

    Aug 30, 2017


  • My partner and I enjoy your Trading Service. You brought a lot of good rules. like always taking profit, putting in Stops, and knowing yourself. The ETF’S are definitely powerful and we are now trading them a couple of months now and are doing well. hanks for everything Doug!! Your commentary is soooo like we think!!!


    Sep 06, 2017


How the service works for you!

As a subscriber to the ETF Trading Service you’ll receive email alerts throughout the day for any short term day trades and a nightly report for all swing trades.

Once each evening, 5 days a week, you will receive a nightly in-depth analysis of the markets to help you recognize trends and prepare for the next trading day.

The Trading Rules we provide will help guide you along the way and be clear on when to take profit and keep stops. These trading rules are the key to your success and need to be read over and over before trading as they will help you profit.

Etf Trading Service Win In A Volatile Market Illusions Of Wealth
  1. Find out profit in up or down markets

  2. Discover your potential

  3. Become a better investor

  4. Learn the trading rules and prosper

 2 week trial for only $1

Some of you may be skeptical on such a service. That’s why we offer a 2 week trial for only $1 that is no obligation to you to check it out.

Most who do check the ETF Trading Service out continue with the service for the small monthly fee of $100.

With the right trading plan and understanding yourself more as a trader, you can conquer the markets and do so in such a way that minimizes your risk and offers some great opportunity for good profit. In this day and age, buy and hold doesn’t work as well as it used to and you can be more hands on with your investments by checking out the ETF Trading Service and see for yourself. Nothing to lose and some great returns sitting there waiting for you to grab. But you have to make the first move. We’re here to help you along the way.

ETF Trading Service stress free trading Illusions Of Wealth

The price of this service is USD 100 per month where you will be billed monthly till you cancel. There is a 2 week trial for only $1 for everyone

Requires active internet connection to view daily alerts and night reports.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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