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Dear Fellow Success Seeker,

In the next few minutes you will
discover the 'secret' of how you
can quickly
and easily
 unleash the power of your mind
... using a
NEW breakthrough system...and use it to
transform YOUR life and re program your mind for success &
wealth automatically...at the touch of a button!!

Have you ever asked
yourself why some people succeed effortlessly while
others, many times in the exact same situations, just seem
to fail.....no matter how hard they try?



answer is NO!

They simply know the secret of doing things in a 'Certain
 every day....and once you discover  these
'secrets'......YOU too will start to experience the
same success in YOUR life.

The problem is if you
don't, you'll probably end up on the

road to nowhere!

I know, I've been

Creating success &
wealth has absolutely nothing to do with
working harder, if it did most of us would be rich,
wouldn't you agree

know, I worked physically hard for over 30 years before
stumbling across these techniques.

I also spent
of dollars on one online business
opportunity after another trying to get free of the 'rat
race'....only to fail each time and
become increasingly disappointed and frustrated with myself.

However, once I
discovered how to harness this power....my life literally
changed overnight...

...and YOURS
can too!!

You see it doesn't
matter how good an opportunity is, or how much money other
people are making, if you don't have the right 'recipe'
you will fail every time!

Marketers know this,
that's why they are always trying to sell you the next
'magic- bullet' and for this reason you
need to understand how to arm yourself with the formula for
success that will be revealed to you within this
system.....otherwise you will be destined to stay on the 'Bizzop' treadmill...Forever!!


  • Why do you think
    that 95%  of people fail in

  • How come many
    people who win huge lottery prizes,
    end up broke a couple of years later?

  • Why is it
    that some people can make thousands of
     in the same 24hrs as someone else
    who is barely scraping a living?


It's because of the way we have been


You see we are ALL governed by the
programs that are playing in our
minds....and for most of us this means that a lifetime of
bad habits and out dated core beliefs are running our lives
on autopilot and dictating the level of success we

Let me tell you
something.......It's NOT your fault!

It's unlikely that
you knew anything different. You DON'T learn this
type of information at school

The fact is most of us
are taught from an early age to behave in the same way as
everyone else as we are told to conform, stop daydreaming,
be realistic, you can't do this and you can't do that etc. 

Well meaning advice is
given to us by our parents, teachers & friends, but it is
often times creating a belief system that is

The problem is that
these negative habits are constantly becoming internalised,
where they become a part of a belief system that your
subconscious mind then refers to when making decisions about
current situations....it's crazy, and it's a
self fulfilling prophecy...until you decide to
break the chain!!

Unfortunately most people resign themselves to getting a
J.O.B (just over broke) and then
spending the next 40 years living pay check to pay check, their
dreams forgotten and a feeling of hopelessness and
frustration, along with the direction of their lives
dictated to them by other people!.....Is that the
life YOU want?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!


Achieving success doesn't have to be
difficult, as it:

depends entirely on understanding how to
use the power of your

Subconscious Mind!


"It has been my privilege to speak to many highly
successful people.

In almost every case, their road to success
started with reading a certain book.

In my case it was "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches",
back in 1972.

Since then, and thanks in the main to that book, I
have achieved a level of freedom most people never
think possible.

Of course it wasn't just one book but many. And
every one told me something I already knew - but
also something I didn't.

And the thing I didn't
know often changed my life for the better.

John Meaden's "MindCompass" belongs to your
success library. It has the power to change

I recommend it
. It may change your life

Phil Gosling


Success Engineering
"MindCompass lets you discover how to quickly
and easily harness the power of your subconscious
mind into your very own personal guidance system. It
is all about programming your mind for
success in all kinds of areas: wealth, health,
success, love
whatever you need.

Now to be honest, I have seen books that talk about
getting your
mind right for success before. Some have been good
and some have been awful. MindCompass is way
better than any that I have read before
I've read a lot!)

The whole thing (and yes, I have downloaded
everything) is massive and very well thought out and
put together.

But how big it is and how well conceived are
secondary to the one
really important question: does it work?

I have to say yes. Having studied self
development materials for
most of my adult life I can tell when something is
blindingly brilliant or bafflingly BS. I'm very
excited to say that MindCompass is firmly in that
very rare first group
Martin Avis

Internet marketer, business consultant and author


Success is not about being 'lucky'.....
You actually engineer your success once you understand how
this all fits together.....it's so easy!!  

You literally create your life along
with the reality you experience with the 'power of your
. It's your personal navigation system and UNLIMITED in it's potential!!

of your mind as an iceberg, The conscious
part of your mind being the 'tip' and the subconscious is
the much larger part that lies beneath the surface.

The conscious side of your mind
provides your reasoning and will, but it is
the subconscious side of your mind that deals with all of
the automatic functions of your body, like breathing,
heartbeat, body temperature along with the ability to

It provides the power,
and it is the correct combination of the two that create
your '


Your subconscious mind is vast in it's
complexity but also very simple in it's functionality....you
see it can be likened to a 4 year old child,
in that it acts on your requests without question!

It doesn't think, and cannot tell the
difference between something real or imagined, but will
simply 'accept' and 'do'
anything that is asked of it, running on autopilot and
always looking for the answer to your requests......and it
will never stop until it
successfully completes it's task!

Think about it.......Have
you ever been trying to recall a person or the singer of
some music you like and just can't remember their name?

Eventually you give up and then a day
or two later out of nowhere the name pops into your head!! 
This is your subconscious mind giving you the answer...it
never stopped working on it!

Successful people KNOW how to use the
power of the mind to their advantage to create anything they

problem is others understand this power too!!


Every day you are bombarded with
messages from TV adverts, infomercials, radio and media of
all types. Much of this is
in it's content
but ALL of these messages are being targeted at your
subconscious mind!

You see savvy marketers and advertisers
understand that it is the subconscious side of your mind
that makes the buying decisions, because it is the part of
you that controls your emotions, and once you
with something, you
start the creative process....and attract it to you!

They understand that they have to
somehow bypass the conscious and 'logical'
part of your mind that would create barriers and be guarded
against their messages, and find a way to get in the
'backdoor' to your subconscious 'emotional' mind.

This is achieved with a 'trojan
method called


Subliminal messaging is not new, in
fact James Vicary famously conducted an experiment at a
cinema in 1957 where he used a "Tachistoscope"
to flash the words:

 "Hungry?.....Eat more popcorn" and
"Thirsty?.....Drink more Coca-Cola"
...... for 1/3000th
of a second throughout the duration of the film.

Sales in both increased by

surprisingly other advertisers started to use this
'subliminal persuasion' in their campaigns, until the US and
other countries finally BANNED their use in

They were deemed as too powerful
a persuader for comfort and in the wrong hands could be used

Marketers and advertisers still use a
subtle form of 'Subliminal Messaging' to influence your
buying decisions EVERY DAY, and even though they remain banned
in advertising, they still spend MILLIONS of dollars on
commercials that affect you subconsciously with jingles and
other 'legal' techniques to reinforce their product
message in your mind.

They do it because IT WORKS!

Your mind is taking in these messages
even if you are not concentrating on them....until you
purchase their product in the supermarket or mall....because
it's 'somehow'  familiar to you.

Isn't it about time you took control
and start to use this same system of 'Mind Programming' to
your advantage...using it to build the life of your

Your subconscious mind will
work 'for'
 you or
 best friend
your worst enemy.....

Depending on HOW you set the program!

The 'secret'  to creating
success & wealth in your life therefore lies in knowing
exactly HOW to remove the old restrictive, disempowering
beliefs & habits that have been hard wired into
your subconscious mind, and in their place inserting
positive, creative, empowering beliefs & habits that will
transform your life.

Once you learn HOW to do this you
will experience 'real magic'
arriving in your life!!

Incredibly only a small select group of people really
understand how to use the power of their subconscious minds,
and trust me when I tell you........that they are NO better
or smarter than YOU in any way!

reason for their success and wealth lies completely in their
ability to access, control and harness the unlimited
creative power that is already within them...and once you
unlock these  powerful mind secrets ....YOU will
JOIN them!!

Imagine for
a moment what it feels like to have everything in your life
you truly desire? A loving relationship....vibrant
health... an unlimited supply of cash... success and
....vacations in exotic locations.....and
much more

Can you visualise what
it will be like to wake up every morning KNOWING that you
live the life of your dreams....and that YOU have created

Well, it's not too late...

(And, with very little

Success & wealth creation
doesn't have to be difficult...so WHY do we make it so

I think that for many of us,
our current belief systems tell is that it MUST be
hard work
....because that's what we've
been told all of our lives.

The fact is when you know HOW and you
have the right tools available...transforming your life...is

Well, affirmations are
an example of a popular way to change your subconscious
programming, and repeating positive affirmations are an
established choice in removing negative limiting

....The problem is that even
though they DO work, they still require a
lot of effort on a daily basis, along with the time
to repeat the affirmations continuously.

They also have to get through
the 'logical' and 'cautious' conscious
mind, that will sabotage your efforts if it does not
believe the new messages of success and wealth you
are attempting to place in your subconscious.

Goal setting is
another popular choice, and extremely important....however
MOST people do it the wrong way...and it just becomes
'wishful thinking'.

The Amazing "System" That
Will Change Your Life…

the MindCompass Manual through Kindle and get

access to the complete MindCompass System!!


The MindCompass
been developed to enable you to deliver
and empowering messages directly to your subconscious
mind...... bypassing your conscious mind completely!!

There is no need to repeat
affirmations daily as the state of the art software, videos
& audios included do ALL of the heavy lifting for you.

Discover how to connect to your 'inner guidance'....

The MindCompass
is a 151 page guide that will explain HOW
everything works and WHY....along with a "step by step"
blueprint to follow on your journey to success.

The MindCompass
Subliminal Videos
 & Software send
subliminal messages directly to your
subconscious....flashing messages of success, wealth,
confidence, health, self esteem and more, too fast for your
conscious mind to see.....

...however these messages are
picked up by your subconscious mind which quickly starts to
work on the positive and empowering messages....immediately
creating the process of life changing transformation....without
any effort on your part!

The MindCompass Audios complete with 'binaural
 add another dimension to the programming, and
strengthen the messages further.

MindCompass system has been created as a full immersion
experience and will programme your mind for success using visual,
auditory & kinaesthetic
techniques.... that
literally guarantee results.



All you
are required to do is

relax and let the system do it's work!
will immediately begin to remove a 'lifetime' of
unsupporting, negative beliefs and habits...instantly
replacing them with new focused, powerful and positive

90 days from now you will be
amazed at the differences you will be experiencing!


Here's what some of our customers have
to say.....


"John Meaden has done for all all those seeking
wealth, health and happiness in their lives a
tremendous service by putting this package together.

By fusing together ancient laws of the universe with
state of the art subliminal technology the
author has laid down a simple step by step roadmap
that, if acted upon, will guarantee your success.

To keep you motivated if the going gets tough on
your journey the book has been interspersed with
wonderful uplifting inspirational quotes and pearls
of wisdom from self help gurus, past and present.

This package offers tremendous value for
 available at such a modest price and
containing vital knowledge that could change your
Philip Wittering

"If you are ready for a life-changing
, this is it.

If you want to transform your health, wealth and
outlook on life, then I suggest you give the
“Mind-Compass System” a try.

Since using this state of the art technology I have
found the confidence and
to change all the negative aspects
of my life, and reflect on the type of person I want
to be.

I highly recommend John Meaden’s
“Mind-Compass System” to anyone who is looking for
renewal and a sense of excitement
at what the future may hold for them".

John Malin

I have read many self improvement books/resources
and only a select few have had the power to change
your life. This is one of them.

John Meaden's "Mind Compass System" is an
exceptional product using state of the art
Subliminal Technology. It is a step by step
blueprint to Wealth, Health and Success

The subliminal techniques will help you discover the
secrets to unlocking the power of your sub-conscious
mind and achieve the success you deserve.

The package is excellent value for money and
I highly recommend it

Angus Ryan

John Meaden's system is a real inspiration for
anyone that would like to change their life for the

His book gives a real insight in how to use the
power of subliminal technology
to achieve
results and make positive lasting changes.

There are many self-help books out there, but very
few that deal with the practical application of how
to apply subliminal messages to the sub-conscious

I would highly recommend this book and system
to anyone that would like a proven way to achieve

Master Ray Gayle

Taekwon-Do VII Degree Black Belt
I've been into personal development since I ordered
Joe Karbo's "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" way back
in 1972.  I've seen a TON of stuff over the years.
 I have to tell you, your MindCompass package
ranks right up there with some of the very BEST
products I own.

I have already installed the subliminals onto my
computer.  I read the entire manual in one sitting
this afternoon.  I guess because I'm well-versed in
the material, it was an easy read for me.  Your
work is comprehensive!
 You got it ALL in,
without overwhelming even the newest reader nor
boring the experienced users like myself!  AWESOME!

Congratulations on your wonderful program.  I
look forward to using it every single day!

All the best from Toronto,

Russ Hamel


It doesn't matter where you are now, or what your situation
currently is....



The MindCompass System consists of......

(151 pages -
Value: $47


The MindCompass Manual will
take you from where you are to where you
want to be, and provide a "

Roadmap To Riches
" beyond your
wildest dreams......explaining HOW
everything works, and providing a 
by step
to success &



(Value: $67)

powerful software that works directly on
your computer screen.

Simply set it and forget it.

The software will constantly work in the
background, reprograming your mind while you
work! There are hundreds of pre set positive
and empowering affirmations, each designed
to avoid mental resistance, and you can add
your own too..... Use this software for
just 90 days and you
will be astonished at the results!!





Includes 6
subliminal videos:


Self Mastery

Social Mastery

Manifest your desires

Unbreakable self confidence

#6- Manifest money, power, sex &
love instantly!

Simply relax
and watch any of these videos for 5-10
minutes a day
....and experience the
incredible changes that begin to happen!



This amazing
software will literally enable you to create
your very own 'vision board' directly onto
your computer screen.

We think in
pictures and this software will keep your
subconscious mind focused on everything you
wish to attract into your life....instantly!!

Simply upload
the pictures that represent the goals you
want to accomplish. Set the transparency ,
set the frequency, set the duration and sit
back while it gets to work. You have 100%



(Value: $97)

The subliminal audio
series contain a mixture of relaxing and
soothing soundtracks, along with binaural
 and subliminal affirmations that
have been

specially mixed
 to completely bypass
your conscious mind and at the same time
penetrating the subconscious. These help to
bring you into an "Alpha"
state where it is easier for your mind to
absorb the positive messages that will
change your thoughts, habits & beliefs to
dramatically increase your levels of


A specially
recorded Meditation audio, created to bring
you quickly into a meditative state.

This audio easily
relaxes you with the natural sounds and has
a unique calming effect.



collection of some of the best self
improvement books ever created, including :

Acres of Diamonds

The Master Key System

Think & Grow Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

As A Man Thinketh

Thought Vibration

...and 15
other powerful titles!



Watch this video daily and start to
create a wealth consciousness.

You MUST be comfortable with money and
the idea of having it in abundance in your life, in order to
attract it. This video will effortlessly program your mind
for wealth and abundance and start the attraction process
without any effort from you.

Bonus #2



video works in the same way as the 5K/Day subliminal,
but focuses not on money itself, but on the things that
money can provide you with.

It is not really the
money that we are trying to manifest in our lives, as it
will only give us a pile of paper. 

What we really desire
is what the money can give us, the lifestyle, power and
prestige, along with the FREEDOM to enjoy them. 

This video will program
your mind to accept the good life that you rightfully
deserve, and is yours for the asking!

Bonus #3



video will install an attitude of gratitude that is so
important in the creative process.

You see it is vital that you are grateful for what you
already have in your life as this creates the positive
vibration that will generate more things to be grateful for.

It is said that the fastest way to
manifest things is to be grateful for them, even before you
have them in your life, this video helps you be grateful and
get into a higher vibration in order to attract even more
things and circumstances to be grateful for.


Bonus #4


Beautiful natural and motivating images mixed with the
positive messages about the law of attraction and how it
works in your life, display directly onto your computer

Lots of empowering messages that act as
a constant reminder to live your life in alignment with
these fundamental natural laws.

Bonus #5

Private membership to
the MindCompass Newsletter, where you will
receive success coaching, advice, reviews and tips, along
with FREE software, books, reports and support to assist in
your personal growth.

In the MindCompass
will discover:

I have created the MindCompass System
as an affordable way for you gain access to a complete suite
of state of the art mind programming tools.

you would need to invest in each item separately..... 


Other marketers are selling similar subliminal software for
between $37 - $97.

You can
purchase the subliminal videos from other sites at $67 - $197
...this is only for the subliminal videos!

also can cost up to $37 EACH at other sites!!

total value of everything you are receiving in the
MindCompass System is $197....and normally retails at $97

now, the MindCompass System is available for a LIMITED
period for




BUT......Only for a Limited
Time on Amazon's Kindle...

Why am I making the complete system so affordable, you ask?

Well first of all I want to
share this system with as many people as possible,
and help them to finally unlock the secrets to the power of
their minds.

Secondly as the system is
being offered to you in digital format, it can be instantly
downloaded which saves on delivery and
production costs...these savings have been passed to you.

The other benefit of digital
products are their instant availability...meaning that the
entire system can be working for you
5 minutes from now.

This is
also my first book launch on Amazon Kindle and I want
to really add value!

Limited Offer: Only limited copies will be available at
this incredible low investment!

Don't miss out.....Reserve YOUR copy TODAY!!


YES John
I want to discover the secrets
of 'How to Program my Mind for Success &
' along with $197 of FREE Software,
Videos & Audios....Plus Extra Bonuses!


 I want to reserve my
copy of this
 proven system.


I understand I'll be
instantly downloading the MindCompass Manual which
contains a download link for FREE access to the Subliminal
Software, Videos, Audios and Bonuses for a 

one-time investment




also understand that my investment is protected by
your 100% Risk Free Money-Back Satisfaction


Amazon US Order Here

Amazon UK Order Here


via Amazon's Secure Payment

Servers with Credit Card or PayPal!

Instant Download.

get INSTANT ACCESS right now -- Even if it's 3.00



Well, where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Think about it for a moment.....for things to
change....first YOU must change!!

you want to experience
outside of yourself....always starts within.

You are where you are today
because of the 'thoughts' and 'actions' you have taken up to
now........ and they were probably the result of a lifetime
of negative limiting beliefs and habits that until NOW have
held you back!

won't solve it
.... like you I tried
that many times.

Jumping from one business opportunity to another in the hope
that the 'next' one will work....DOESN'T!! (I did this a
LOT too)

If you
want to finally attract success and wealth into your
life....you MUST get your head in the game first.....once
you do this, the rest is EASY!!


Who's stopping you from
achieving a wealthy and successful life?....

Well, it's the same
person....the ONLY person who can make the change....YOU!

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will be the result of what
you decide on TODAY.... so start to live in the NOW
and allow the MindCompass System

to guide you to the success that you desire and deserve!

Once you learn the secrets of
how everything fits together and works, you will see a whole
different world out there, where 'anything' is possible....

....and you will STOP
swimming against the current and start to create the life
you've always dreamed of!

You CAN do it....it
is possible to have it all....you just need to know HOW!

In 5 years time you can be
living a life full of abundance and joy....

........or you can follow the same path you have until now
and just be 5 years older.....

the choice is yours!!

Whatever your decision, I
wish for you everything I have ever wished for myself.

"Let your inner compass
guide you"




John P. Meaden


This system will quite
literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE -  No Question. It
provides the tools and knowledge to quickly, easily and
effortlessly bring about the necessary changes to your core
beliefs.....and will reprogram your subconscious mind for
more success, wealth , love and happiness
than you could ever imagine!

"90 days from
now, you can just be a few months older or you can be living
the life you always dreamed of..."

delay.....start to change your life and CLICK
to complete your order right now!

Please Note: The software contained within the MindCompass
System Is ONLY compatible with Windows operating systems and
has not been

tested on Mac's.




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