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Special News Release!

From the desk of:

Mike Mansfield                                            
Tuesday: 9AM EST


How would
you like to make thousands of dollars

simple snapshots?

You don’t
need to be a skilled photographer

How would you like to take some simple snapshots and put up to
$1,000 in your pocket? 

     Imagine becoming financially
independent with this revolutionary method of making money with your
camera? I can show you how.

    Hi, my name is Mike Mansfield.
If you own any type of camera, you can put my program to work for
you today.

     Thousands upon thousands of
dollars can be yours for simply taking some snapshots.  You
don’t have to know how to develop film, you don’t need a darkroom
and you don’t even have to know anything special about photography. 

Absolutely anyone and I do mean
anyone can use my system. 
Follow my simple “step- by-step” instructions – just aim your
camera, take a few pictures and the money is yours

I am not a professional
photographer.  In fact, my system has
nothing to do with what
conventional photographers do

     It is so revolutionary that
most professional photographers never even heard about my
concept.  If they did they would be using it right now
It is a method of making large amounts of money that I’ve kept under
wraps UNTIL NOW!  Let me tell you how I stumbled upon this

A few years ago, I invested about
$25,000 in a promising business venture; I even borrowed money from
my family and my life savings.  The whole venture as well as my life
savings and all the money I borrowed went down the drain and I
lost every penny I had

      I didn’t have money for
rent, for my car payments, utility bills or even for clothing. Most
of my letters had something in common:

stamped on them in bold red.  I came home one evening to watch the
news and found that my TV set was missing.

I sat on the floor in dismay
thinking that we had been robbed.

Then my wife walked in the front
door. She was crying like a baby.  She trembled as she explained
that she sold the TV so that we could put food on the table

    Later we were evicted
and were fortunate that relatives let us stay with them.  I felt as
if my family and I had no future.  The suffering was very painful! 

     To make matters even worse,
my boss called me up and told me that I could pick up my last
paycheck that week.  I had just been fired.  I was
already too hurt and didn’t think I could bear much more.

    I was in so much pain that
night when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep.  I could only lay there
helpless with tears welling up in my eyes; I was filled with anguish
and pain.  Just then as I lay there, I was overcome with an
incredible idea

     It was so remarkable that I
lay there amazed, wondering why everyone isn’t using this incredible
system that only requires a camera.  After that night my whole life
took a 180-degree turn to prosperity.

I was overjoyed with relief; I
knew I had discovered a moneymaking system that would solve my money
problems for good and allow me to pay back my relatives and start
living the good life!

started making more money than I could count.

In a matter of months I was able
to pay off ALL OF MY DEBTS.  A year ago I wanted to
buy my wife a bracelet from a well-known jewelry store near my

    They denied me credit and I
walked out of the store in shame from being rejected. This month, my
partners and I bought the shopping mall where the jewelry store was
located for MILLIONS of dollars. 

     I deposited over $70,000 into
my checking account this month alone.  I now own three cars that
have a total value of over $150,000, one of which is a Mercedes Benz
Convertible (The silver special edition!).

I went and bought a beautiful home
and spent a fortune decorating it to my wife’s every desire

    My life changed in a matter of
days.  All you need to change your life is the ability to take a
, and any kind of camera. (Even a disposable camera
will do!)

     You don’t have to take any
type of photography course or program.  In fact I even was a high
school dropout.  Why?  Because I was failing every subject. I have a
hard time picking things up. 

     Yet this program is making
me a fortune and can do the
same for anyone…  Even you!

More Photos you take –

more money you will make

This system really works and is
not a gimmick.  It will work anytime you want more money.  Do you
need more money? Take out your camera and follow my simple
step-by-step instructions – it’s as easy as that.

    My system is very easy to
use.  You don’t have to know a thing about photography to make it
work for you. 

Your pictures don’t even have to be that good for

system to pay off

I will instruct you every step of
the way. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to
sell anything.  There is NO CATCH and it is easy as “pie” to do. 

    All you have to know is what

to take the pictures of.  Take the right pictures and become
financially independent
.  It truly is that simple.

        You can use any
inexpensive camera
.  Any camera you choose becomes tax
deductible.  Most people own at least one camera – why not write it

I started with an inexpensive
disposable camera – now I use an expensive digital camera – a 100%
business expense that saved me hundreds of dollars.


This exciting program has sold nationwide for $77, but if you order
within the next 10 days all you pay is $49.97. And the best part
is you can have your new photo business up and running with any kind
of camera you now have, you can even use one of those disposable
cameras.  It truly is that simple

you are unhappy with this product for any reason, simply
notify ClickBank within 60 days and you will receive a
full refund or replacement product if defective. You absolutely have nothing to lose and
everything to gain! After 60 days all sales are final."

I’m using the system RIGHT NOW!
I’ve gotten over all the hurdles you might encounter.  I will send
you complete documentation on how to get this business up and
running fast.  I will send you every form you need as well as
complete “step-by-step” instructions that even a child can

     One thing you will never have
to worry about is competition.  I’m one of the few people who
are putting this amazing system into use.   Believe me there are
over 50 million people who would pay you for putting my
system to use for them

As soon as you download my manual you can start your new business.

Could you use a shiny new car? Or
what about a beautiful home overlooking the ocean?  You could have
these things with my system.  You can have all the things you have
ever wanted or dreamt about.  This system is 100% honest and
legitimate. It is not a gimmick and has absolutely nothing to
do with pornography
. You have nothing to lose and
lots of money to gain!

Special Free

For those of you who order
within the next 10 days

I will include my special bonus (99 Websites You Should Have
Bookmarked But Probably Don’t!) This invaluable bonus cost me
thousands of dollars in trial and error over the past 4 years but is
yours free with the purchase of my program!


Best Regards,

Mike Mansfield

– Entrepreneur



You must order this program
I don’t know how long I am going to let my publisher
offer this revolutionary opportunity. I truly look forward to
working with you. Click the order button to download your copy right
now! My publishers email address will be included with your order
in case you need help or have any questions

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