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Offbeat Ways to Make

Fast Cash with Wholesale Real Estate in 90 days or less!"

WARNING: You Can Make $500.00
Cash in the next 90 days with Just One Piece of Paper - Guaranteed!
It's the "one and
only" secret to claiming your share of home-based riches
- a simple, yet jealously guarded courthouse method that can
easily put thousands of dollars in your pocket in the next 90
days or less - Guaranteed!

Are you tired of living from
paycheck to paycheck. One in three people are just plain sick
of it. I know I was...

I know you wondering: Okay, "I
have a problem, I want to learn how to make more money but I
just don't have the time - I'm too busy working all day".

Until you discover a way out
of the mundane life you've been living all these years, things
will never get better - only worse!

So what's the solution?

It's a simple money
making secret found buried in the courthouse a few years ago.
As you will soon discover, thousands of people just like yourself
have been using it to make $800 or more per month - part-time!

Just about anyone can use
it to make money!
a proven system you may have heard of before with one ingenious
twist! Applying just ONE technique can make your life
much better -

Wiping away all
of your "money fears" forever!

Okay, you've waited long enough -

FROM: Wade LaGrenade, Foreclosure Mortgage Specialist

Date: March 21st

Time: 8:37AM

Hi -

There I was, just another typical
day "scouting" for mortgage leads at the courthouse,
when I stumbled upon the most powerful real estate wealth building
secret ever .....buried deep in courthouse records.

When it finally hit me - I couldn't
believe it; a little known secret to how a select few were making
a "killing" in real estate on properties they didn't
even own.

And just think... it was there
all the time! Before I get ahead of myself. Let me explain.....

My name is Wade LaGrenade. Not
long ago, I was just like you, hungry to make a few hundred dollars
a month to pay the bills. I wasn't asking for much from life.
I did the college thing, planned to marry my high school sweetheart,
and buy "the white picket fence".

Fresh out of school I got my
first job with a large manufacturing plant. I was making really
good money for a kid still "wet behind the ears". but
just when I thought I was "one step closer" to the
good life -


I'm OUT of
a job in Six Months!
shutting down!
2,500 employees
laid off!
Oh, God! My
life flashed in front of my eyes!

They pulled the "rug right
from under my feet". Like so many of us in the workplace
today, I was just another poor victim of corporate control.
A quick "backspace & delete" from some executive's

What did the future really hold
for me - more pink slips, broken promises and heartache for my
family? All of my future plans had just vanished in thin air!

It was painfully obvious -

to take control of my life!

I didn't want to spend a lifetime
at the mercy of the "corporate ax". Time to make
a change!
Over two years, I tried every so-called "get-rich-quick"
scheme out there -- phone card sales -- internet advertising
affiliate. You name it, I tried it. None of them made
me any money.
Just one "empty promise" after another.

I needed something that would
really work...a proven approach to making an extra $500 or more
a month part-time!

Then one day...I came to the most sensible conclusion:
real estate.
estate was time-tested and proven to create more millionaires
in the past twenty years than any other vehicle ever!

I had a really good "nack"
for numbers, so I became a mortgage broker. I never really made
much at it, but one day purely by accident, I stumbled onto one
of the most "jealously guarded" wealth building secrets
in real estate. An "insider" secret that everyday
people like you and me can use to earn $800 more a month
at the drop of a hat.

Take a Sneak
"Peek" at My Discovery!

I spent countless hours at the
courthouse looking for people who needed a mortgage or to refinance.
Just another typical life or was it? There I was...elbow deep
in a pile of old papers on the floor of the courthouse filing
room, when I learned what was really going on...right in my own

A select group of investors were
making a fortune buying and selling properties (
they didn't even own). Even the most "sly" real
estate agents had no clue what was going on!

It is a powerful concept you may have heard of before - with one ingenious
no risk, no credit or down payment required, no
bankers & complete privacy!

At first I couldn't believe my
eyes, but sure enough it was really happening. People in the
business were selling properties
they didn't even own; making a killing
right in my own backyard!

Come again! Yes, this powerful technique gives them
the power to take control of property (without using any of their
own money or credit) and never taking ownership! What a shocker.
Then it clicked!

I could sell
properties (I didn't even own) for PURE profit?

Heck - if this
doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will! Applying this
technique, a savvy investor bought 23 single apartments without
taking a penny out of his own pocket.
His secret? Using the existing cashflow as leverage for quick resale, he
pocketed $1,000's at closing (without ever taking ownership of
the property).

many transactions can you put together when price is NOT an issue
and you never need bankers or real estate agents to close the

Too many potential

for just ONE man!

I knew I had to test this information
for myself. Was it for real? One Sunday morning, I started highlighting
a few potential deals in the newspaper and pounded the pavement
for my first deal.

I started small (but thinked
big)...a simple 2 bedroom condo. In a matter of only two weeks,
I took control of the property with a simple contract, "flipped"
it to another investor and pocketed $500 CASH.

(I was hooked).
I couldn't believe how
easy it was! It wasn't a lot of money, but I knew I could easily
do two or three of these deals per month (part-time). I never
lived in the property or took title to it, I just signed a simple
assignment of agreement form for $500 CASH.

When was the
last time you made $500

just signing a piece of paper?

Finally - a way out of my dismal
of corporate control. I knew had to document my discovery!
Over a period of six months, I wound up with a straight-to-the-point
(no fluff, no "flim-flam") manual that anyone can follow
step-by-step to make money in real estate (just like
I did).

Regardless of where you live
or your credit,
shows you how to:

  • Begin without any cash or down payment for anything.
  • Pocket up
    to $2,500 or more
    in your first deal.
  • Make more money than ever dreamed
    of in cashflow.
  • Never have to deal with banks
    or qualify for loans.
  • Double your assets every year
    without ownership.
  • Set up deals for INSTANT
    & pay NO agent costs. Learn how to keep them
    out of your business!
  • Move into the house of
    your dreams
    without bankers or agents.

You can put my formula
to the test within minutes of downloading the only real estate
investing course you will ever need!
Save yourself a trip to the courthouse.

All of my tips, key strategies
and secrets
are revealed "step by step"
in my highly acclaimed pre-foreclosure & lease options investing
course, "Fast Cash with Wholesale Real Estate."
It's your ticket to creating real estate wealth. Not long
ago, I had my day in the limelight; now it's your turn!

You'll get over 92 pages of
straight-to-the-point information
on how to make money in
no time flat with pre-foreclosure properties and real estate
lease options. Little known money-making secrets in real estate
you can start using instantly in your own real estate investing

Consider yourself lucky! You're about to join an "elite"
group (less than 1%) of investors nationwide who know
about this powerful
to making money
in real estate.

Forget about what you've seen on TV
This is the "real-deal"
- straight from an investor who "walks in the trenches"
every single day looking for his next deal.

It's like having
an expert on your

shoulder every step of the way!

You'll be able set up these kinds
of profitable deals for generating
tremendous cashflow everyday... for the rest of your life!

Witness the power firsthand! Here's what Carla had to say about "Fast
Cash with Wholesale Real Estate"
and how it's changing
her life:


Hi Wade,

I bought your instruction
package off the internet about Wholesale Real Estate. I have
just finished my first Lease-Purchase deal. My buyers are to
close on the 31st of this month (everything was pre-approved…a
dream deal).
book was my only resource
it was!

I know a few people who do this but you know how people are…very
reluctant to talk about HOW to do it.

Thanks so much,


It's the one real estate investing
course every "serious" real estate investor should
have! You'll refer to it "time and time again" as you
learn my formula
earning up to $2,500 or more a month

with pre-foreclosures and real estate lease options!

You must
act now and get

this information right now!

*pay only $99 to get started today!

When download it now, you
all of my strategies and formulas to download instantly
so you can get started right away! Use them as often as
you want.
You don't know
me personally, so I can't say how much money you will make with
this information, but I can say that it's very easy to generate
tremendous cashflow
each and every month from your home
(if you follow my step-by-step approach).

What would it be worth to you
if you could
$500, $1,500, $2,500+ CASH

anytime you needed to?
Would this give you peace of mind? Think about it...the price is really
NOT an issue. The real issue here is the value of the information
to you.

This is the "real deal"
about making money in real estate....using my step-by-step approach
you'll get on the fast track to improving and controlling your
life, the kind of car you drive, where you live, & the quality
of your childrens' lives. Now how much value can you put on that?

All of the bases are covered.
It's your move! What's it going to be?
Only you can take the first step...

It's Guaranteed.
100% Risk Free!

I know that if
you were a personal friend of mine, you wouldn't need a guarantee,
but since we're not on first name basis, I am offering
you the best guarantee on the Net.
Apply my simple formula - tear it apart
& put it to the test.
If you don't put an extra $500.00 in your pocket
in the next 8 weeks or less.

I absolutely
guarantee that you'll be amazed by this powerful information
on wholesale real estate investing. Even if you have never considered
real estate investing before, Fast Cash with Wholesale Real
is going to "open your eyes wide" to all
of the deals and "treasures" just waiting for you -
in your own backyard!

Are you
just one click away

from financial freedom?

To order, download
and begin profiting immediately, all you have to do is
click on the "Instant
Access" link

below and a second later my 100% secure server form for
processing will pop up.

If you order
now, I will also include unlimited CONSULTATION by email for 90 days to help you overcome any learning curves in finding wholesale real estate deals.

Just when you
thought I had done everything I could to increase the odds of
your success with wholesale real estate,
as an added bonus, you'll also get a very special report
revealing "never-before-seen" instructions on how to
structure your deals under a
cloak of complete privacy. This "insider"
knowledge gives you incredible power over 99.9% of the attorneys
out there who don't want you to know the latest cutting-edge
strategies and tactics you can use to protect your assets and
preserve your privacy.

The bonuses and all the money you
make are yours to keep even if you decide to return Fast Cash
with Wholesale Real Estate
for a full refund! But you must
act now to get these things!

Well, I've done
everything I can! The rest is up to you!

Thanks and take


Wade LaGrenade

Foreclosure Mortgage Specialist

P.S. So just 8 weeks
from now you'll be well on your way to building a lifetime
of prosperity and financial freedom
for you and your family,
or you'll be wondering when your "knight in shining armor"
is going to come and rescue you from your dead-end job.

P.S.S. Since this program was first introduced in 1999, Wade has been helping thousands of avid real estate investors make a lot of money with foreclosures! You've seen the
testimonials. His system really works!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Act now and get your copy of Fast Cash with Wholesale Real Estate now for only a one-time payment of $99 to ("instantly download") one of the best selling guides on preforeclosures and leaseoptions and take the first step towards financial freedom and real estate wealth!

You'll receive instant access upon processing your payment for $99 to a robust and powerful wholesale real estate investing program that focuses on two untapped niches in the real estate market: foreclosures and leaseoptions. There is a reason why so many people have done well with this powerful information: it removes the curtain from what you thought you knew about real estate and reveals incredible secrets they don't want you to know about investing; the nitty-gritty about foreclosure and leaseoptions investing. You'll receive unlimited consultation by email for up to 90 days free of charge.

You can start your foreclosure and leaseoptions journey right away and take your first step towards financial freedom with wholesale real estate. No real estate license needed.

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